Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Finally got around to checking out the Krazy! exhibition at the Vancouver art Gallery.
Some excellent stuff on show, my own personal highlights being;

Harvey Kurtzman's "Corpse on the Imjin"
I was like a deer caught in headlights viewing this one. To see his brush strokes up close is really something as his inking and use of line is just masterful. The man was a genius. I couldn't resist sneaking back to have a second look and that's when I snapped the pics as seen below. If your interested you can find the complete comic strip here:

Chris Ware. The above is one of his four Thanksgiving illustrations that he did for the New Yorker. The published version can be found here:

Seth-one of the co-curators of the exhibition- was also on show(above-one of his roughs)

Also on view was Daniel Clowes David Boring, Herriman's Krazy Cat,Chester Brown's Louis Riel and of course Art Spiegelman's Maus

In the Animated Cartoons section they had some original production drawings of Gertie the Dinosaur by the brilliant Winsor McKay and some beautiful storyboard panels from Disney's Dumbo. Sadly most of the storyboard art for Dumbo was attributed to-unknown artists: Storyboard guys,never remembered for their(sometimes vast)contributions eh;)

If you haven't seen it,I'd recommend stopping by! I believe it's playing until the first week in September.

Apologies for the quality of the photos...

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Anonymous said...

I have been interested in hearing comments about this and to think that there is some original work from Harvey Kurzman on show is enough to get me keen to go! Got reportage Colin!